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All About the World

All About the World

The six-volume series All About the World offers an insight into the everyday lives of people living in far-flung corners of the world. Every volume of All About the World is divided into chapters of which informative texts are split into smaller sections under clear headings, enriched by contemporary quotations, highlighting facts and topics of particular interest. To help understand the descriptions, the terminology for each topic is explained, while there are large paintings in realistic and romantic styles, maps and explanatory illustrations placed in just the way that it helps to visualize a given scene. All About the World is a series of thematically arranged books with richly illustrated, informative texts that are enjoyable and an effective, invaluable source of information for young and adult readers alike.

Great Conquerors

Great Conquerors presents the most famous military leaders from Alexander the Great to Napoleon, their greatest battles, and the reasons for their victories and defeats, as well as the art of war in different eras.

Man and World

Man and the World tells of simple inventions that have had an enormous impact on the evolution of mankind, of geniuses and bold inventors, and their lives, as well as the development of man.

Secrets of the Earth

Secrets of the Earth travels the earth examining the reasons for the changes to our planet, and discovers what regulates the rhythms of the earth. The customs, traditions and beliefs of people are also described.


Superpowers investigates the great powers from ancient Egypt to the age of the British empire which had an influence over almost the entire world.

The Wonders of Nature

The Wonders of Nature reports on the role of unusual body structures and colours in nature, as well as 'natural' inventions, and tricks and habits which constitute a marvellous fine tuned system of survival techniques.

Wonders of the World

The Wonders of the World shows the 7 wonders of the ancient world and the new 7 wonders chosen by the modern world as well as other masterpieces of architecture and art.