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A Selection of Andersen's Tales

The Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) is one of the world’s most popular authors of children’s literature, who delighted his readers with over 150 works in the course of his life. His writings have a marvellous power of expression and superb style, describing the finest oscillations of the soul in a masterly fashion. In his tales he teaches us that appearances are sometimes deceptive and real beauty often lies in the character of the person. His original stories, which are a unique blend of imagination, poetry and reality, bring to life real and legendary characters, kings and queens, beings with magical qualities, mermaids, fairies, plants and animals. Our volume prepared for true lovers of children's literature surprises readers with some of Hans Christian Andersen's less well-known stories as well as presenting other much-loved tales. This book endeavours to create the mood the Danish author once wished to see on the page with subtle elegance. Readers can now enjoy the eternal values of artistic images and thoughts in the form of a beautiful book.

Animal Tales from the Forest

The second volume of Tales about Animals title.

Bedtime Stories for Little Ones

The stubborn little donkey has had enough of always having to pull the gardener’s apple-crate filled little carriage from hill to hill, crossing meadows and clearings all the way to the market, so he runs away. Soon after, the rabbit and the squirrel swap tails, the songbirds learn to speak foreign languages, and the snail is painting colorful flowers in the middle of the clearing. So many unusual events! Assuming that we are not deep in the heart of the fairyland forest, where the endearingly illuminating stories of our children’s book are taking place.  The beautifully illustrated stories on friendship, resourcefulness or sly impishness not only provide great entertainment but also promise sweet dreams to children reading or listening to these bedtime stories.

Breezy the Hero

If you’ve already met us, you know that there’s never a dull moment at Flower Farm. But even if you haven’t heard of us yet, you’ll soon be able to join in our adventures. And if you do, you won’t have the chance to get bored because so much always happens here that it puts all us animals in the barn to the test!

Breezy, the Little Pony

After much wandering, Breezy the little pony, who had run away from the travelling circus, stumbled upon Flower Farm. Becky, the farmer's daughter, was overjoyed when she saw that a stray pony had found her way to them. But not everyone in the barn was so happy about the new arrival. Butty the goat didn't like the uninvited guest one little bit. This led to such a fuss that the barn caught fire. But Breezy's good heart and cool head helped save the terrified animals. Soon they grew to like the clever, helpful pony and together they had many adventures. They willingly followed her when she went to look for the lost kittens or searched for the puddle that disappeared. Listening to and reading Breezy's adventures you, too, can be part of the exciting world of everyday life on Flower Farm.

Christmas Stories

This special storybook is full of heart-warming tales about winter fun and getting ready for Christmas. The characters appear in an imaginary world where you, too, could live. Advent is a season full of joyful events: the winter holiday begins, you can bake for Christmas, plait straw angels, make presents, and visit friends and relatives you haven’t seen for a long time. But what if unfortunate events happen while waiting for the special day to come? Mum has to go to hospital, mice chew the paper Christmas decoration or fresh snowfall makes finding the way out of the forest seem impossible… And how can you shake off feeling low and upset without a magic wand? Open this book and the Christmas tales will tell you the answer to this not-so-easy question.

Christmas Tales from the Attic

This story is about Fanny, an ordinary eight-year-old girl, just like any other. She spent her Christmas holidays in the countryside at her grandparents' old house. After she arrived, she wasn't bored for a minute, but poked her nose curiously into every corner. Exploring the old house, she soon discovered the attic. She found herself among seemingly dusty, shabby old things but, when the old mirror suddenly spoke to her, Fanny felt that by opening the attic door she had entered Storyland. The junk started telling her exciting stories about fragile dolls, mysterious people and bygone times. Fanny listened to their tales with her mouth agape, hardly suspecting that the approaching Christmas would bring new adventures to make her life even more magical. Even the setting of Christmas Tales of the Attic inspires the fantasy of children. Young readers visit an old attic in seven unrelated stories, where in their imagination they can join in adventures full of emotion and excitement. Thinking about these life situations woven into tales can give new value to children's pre-Christmas expectations. Artistic illustrations help young readers relive the stories.

Christmas Tales from the Attic 2.

In the latest part of the series, Felicity continues to explore the old things in her grandparents' attic. She listens carefully to what the old watch, the Christmas star made out of straw or the fancy sleighbell have to say, and her imagination creates for us the beautiful illustrations in this book.

Coby and Fluffpup: The Fib Blob

Coby is an ordinary boy and Fluffpup is his loyal friend and helpmate. Their lives are full of ordinary, and not so ordinary, things. Is that rather like yours? Have you ever been made to stand in the corner when it wasn’t your fault? Perhaps you have met an angry washing machine in the bathroom court and a bunny that keeps on jumping in your exercise book. And do you sometimes talk to your dream instead of sleeping? Well, these sorts of things often happen to Coby and Fluffpup. Do they to you? What would you do if your best friend was captured by dust soldiers? And what would you say if a pastry pixie decided to live under your bed? Have you ever thought of that? These ordinary, and not so ordinary, things could happen to you, too!

Cosy Corner Tales

Once upon a time a snail invited a ladybird to come and visit. But there was only room for one snail in its spiral house, so no matter how the ladybird tried, she couldn’t get through the door. “I’ll move aside,” the snail told his friend, but every time he did the house moved with him. Like this story of the snail and the ladybird, the tales in this book tell children about knotty problems and how to unravel them. The main characters are familiar figures from the world of children’s stories, animals that behave like people, but there are others, too, like the ambitious snowflake and the postman who always says no. The point of each wellcrafted, little story inspires thought among both children and adults who enjoy reading tales. The typography of this special book is part and parcel of the colour illustrations embellishing the text.

Dini, the Brave Little Dino

Dini, a dino kid, gets separated from his parents. Fortunately, he's not on his own for long, because in Dino Land he finds true friends that stick by him even in the most difficult situations. The kind-hearted and nifty dino kid emerges triumphant from even the most dangerous adventures. Children listening to these funny and exciting stories, and looking at the colour pictures will also learn many a thing about pre-historic animals.

Edgar's Life

One fine day the hero of our story, Edgar the curious little mouse, can’t get into his cosy home, the pumpkin house. The key he is trying to open the door with won’t turn the lock. As he is stuck outside, he takes his leftover peanut butter sandwich out of his bag. And what luck! He finds his key to the door there, too. But whose can the other key be? Puzzled, Edgar puts the seemingly useless key into his pocket and gives it away to his friend Bunny the next day. Before long his friend goes on a journey and also takes the mysterious key. The following day Edgar finds a locked red chest in the garden of the pumpkin house. Who put that there and what is in it? The little mouse is eager to get to the bottom of the mystery and sets off to find Bunny...
Follow this exciting story full of twists in marvellously painted, delightful settings. 

Edgar, the Curious Little Mouse

Edgar is a joyous, funny little mouse, who lives on a small farm, and is always daydreaming of the bustling Big City life. One sunny day, out of the blue, he receives an invitation from his godfather, where his epic adventures begin. You could not begin to even think of the truly exciting things the commotion of the Big City holds for such a lively, curious little mouse! Where does destiny take him? What kind of friends does he make? The train station, the library, the zoo and the kindergarten are just a few of the places where even you could have met him. But what about the hot air balloon race? Or the skiing trip? How dangerous can a shoe-shop sale become? Who is Brainy Brian, Ilma and Wilma? All these questions will be answered for you once you read the amazing adventures of Edgar, the curious little mouse. Wonderful pictures help you imagine the characters and the exciting places of this story. Brace yourself for an adventure through the eyes of a cute little rodent, and let him take you where no man has ever been before!


In this volume of the series, a nine-year old boy, Augustine Lawrence Thorny to be precise, one winter becomes the hero of astonishing adventures. He meets the fairy-pixies, who he believed only existed in fairy tales. These tiny beings soon change the life of the little scallywag, who's often bored, forever. He learns to laugh from the bottom of his heart, to protect the weak and to do what he thought was impossible. This enchanting story is made even more magical by fabulous illustrations.

Far, Far Away

This unusual storybook introduces the reader to the adventurous life, good and bad habits, and the most characteristic qualities of giants, elves, dragons, and fairies, that is, the heroes of classic fairy tales. The amusing descriptions and short stories are complemented by fun brain-teasers that stimulate the imagination. All that is needed to answer these questions is creative thinking, and every reasoned answer is correct. This is the whole point of the book - to generate free, creative thinking in young minds.

Faybellina, the Wordweaving Fairy

Faybellina comes from a family of wordweaving fairies. She’s an old fairy now and all she does is weave words into tales and turn yarn into well-spun stories. When she has woven a tale, she flies off to the attic of an old house and pops it in the drainpipe. Then, one fine summer’s morning, a terrible thing happens. The word-loom gets stuck. The children wait and wait in vain, but no more stories come – that is until Faybellina and her friends, the elves, find the key to the problem. From that moment on new, fabulous tales of fairies and elves enter the realm of stories.

By living through the chronicle of saving the tales and the adventures in the other chapters of the book, children learn human values, such as joy, helpfulness and community spirit, which help to develop a well-balanced, happy personality. Superbly painted illustrations and notes from Faybellina’s diary about the mysterious life of fairies ideally complement the story’s magical world. 

Fireside Stories

The characters of this book get mixed up in all kinds of unexpected, funny and mysterious events but luckily the tangled threads soon unravel by working together with plenty of goodwill and helpful intentions. Something always goes awry in the imaginary town of Hillydale but when the stories come to end peace and calm fill the hearts of young and old at Christmas time.

Folk Tales about Animals

Tales about animals not only make us laugh and think, but they also show the difference between right and wrong. There are plenty of interesting things for young children to discover in the charming illustrations, which delightfully complement this selection of folk tales.

Grimm - Selected Tales

The tales written by the Grimm Brothers continue to be immensely popular all over the world. This richly illustrated volume offers a special selection of them. It includes the best known story of all, Cinderella. Who is not familiar with the tale of the girl with the wretched lot who is exploited by her stepmother but at the end of the story receives her just deserts, the love of the handsome prince? The story of The Fisherman and His Wife is about greed and gives a lesson on moderation, enriching readers with wise experience that is useful in life. In addition to these justly popular tales, this book contains others that are not so well-known such as The Blue Light and The Cunning Little Tailor. In this way, this book combines the pleasure of reading well-loved stories and the charm of discovering new ones


Grimm Tales

The Brothers Grimm are best renowned for collecting tales. The most beautiful and popular stories from their collection of folk and fairy tales have been read for generations and are still read by children today. Some of them are of an instructive nature, others express folk wisdom, and yet others endeavour to put the language of animals into human speech. Storywriters of later periods have often incorporated recurrent motifs from Grimm tales into their own writing: the ingenuity of the weak, the victory of good over evil, the triumph of brain over brawn have been written about again and again for centuries as the eternal longing of youth. The best of the Brothers Grimm's tales have been selected for this volume. The 28 tales in this anthology are an important tool not simply in the development of children's sense of refinement but also in preparing them for life. The illustrations of artistic merit inspire the imagination and reflect the spirit of the stories, bringing characters to life. This careful selection can be an indispensable and much used volume in a well-stocked home library.

Hungarian Folk Tales

Entertaining Hungarian folk tales with richly illustrated pages

Learning About Animals

My name's Flora, and I'm seven and a half. My favourites are doughnuts and my Aunt Agnes's cake. If you come with me on my journeys of discovery full of fun and adventure, you can get to know her too. This summer, for the first time, I could leave the big city where I live with my parents and go to the countryside. Actually, this was the first time I made friends with animals, and explored the woods and fields. Come with me! Matt is a really smart boy and knows everything about animals and plants. When he rides his bike, he goes as fast as the devil! He is my best friend and I discovered the countryside with him. In the industrialised countries of the world most children grow up in an urban environment and have no direct contact with rural life. The stories in this book illustrated by beautiful pictures invite young readers to a country garden fragrant with the sent of hay. There they can hear the morning din of the poultry yard and, if they like, can search for the lost donkey on a jolting horse and cart, or drive the well-fed geese home from the meadow. They can roam together with Flora and Matt, and learn all about domestic animals from the entertaining stories rich in dialogue containing much new knowledge.

Little Elfy, an Adventurous Little Pixie

This volume tells the story of Little Elfie, the sweet little blue-haired pixie, who falls into an enchanted forest through the funnel of the most unusual flower. Every corner of this new world he finds himself in is filled to the brim with unexpected wonders. The exciting adventures weave genuine and true friendships between Mini pixie and inhabitants of this forest beyond the world he knows.The captivating, beautiful illustration further enhances the experience of the narrative.

Patchwork Storybook

Paws the brave puppy, Maurice the bad-tempered cat, Bamboo the warm-hearted dog, Rusty the strong wild boar and Hummer the busy bee are the characters of this storybook richly illustrated with cheerful pictures. These best friends live happily in the middle of the woods, where something always happens. They wait excitedly for the Bear Circus, which is looking for new performers, and enter the forest cooking contest hoping to win the 'kind-hearted chef' award. When cheeky elves invade the woods and create havoc, Paws cunning saves the forest dwellers from the uninvited guests.

No matter how big a mess our heroes get into, it's always the straight path that leads them out of trouble. With perseverance, selflessness, hard work and helpfulness they overcome the obstacles one by one, while their captivating characters and entertaining adventures will unconsciously become a good childhood memory. The stories of varying length and the poems are ideal for whole-word reading, and offer an excellent opportunity for children to learn to enjoy reading.

Paws and the Cuckoo's Egg

Five dear friends live in the middle of the enchanted wood: Paws, the happy puppy; Bamboo, the oversized hound; Morose, the ill-tempered cat; Buzz, the bee and Rusty, the strongest boar in all of the forest.
You might think our friends do nothing all day, but play hide-and-seek and other games underneath the leafy forest trees.
Which would probably be true, were it not for an abandoned bird’s egg Paws finds right on his doorstep. 
This changes everything… Except our friends’ happy and inventive nature that helps them overcome every obstacle and challenge…

Paws New Adventures

Fantastic new stories await us in the storybook about the dwellers of the fabled Round Forest. To our surprise, the snowball king comes to life who does not shy away from heated situations. We become part of an adventurous cherry harvest and go in search for Ringlet the little rabbit who ran away. After the perilous adventure, we may take a rest in the attic of the spring fairy’s citadel, home to the Easter Bunny whose enviable realm is visited by Jiminy the little mouse who returns home after his visit with a basket full of coloured eggs. His joy does not last long, but noble intent and will may yet turn his fate to the better. Is it perhaps better to remain silent in certain situations? We get to know from the story about the brave soldiers and of course it also turns out why it is better to be safe than sorry. The main characters of the book are introduced by our old friends Paws, Bamboo, Rusty, Grumpy and Buzz.

Paws, the Clever Little Puppy

In this book the popular character Paws and his companions, Rusty, Stuffy, Bambu, and Buzz, embark upon several adventures together. Paws takes a sip of magical potion, Rusty receives a fortune bringing hat, with the story shedding light on how the inseparable buddies met in the first place. In the midst of the unforeseen events that are to come, they all have several chances to prove their friendship, resourcefulness and playfulness. The lovely story is accompanied by beautiful illustrations that capture the imagination of the reader.

Pep and Tapython in the Wild

Interesting species, humorous stories, puzzles, comics and stickers

Extra: Fun boardgame with Tapython, Pep and the animals of Africa

Round Tales

The inhabitants of Round Forest have a life full of adventures. The little animals set out together to discover the unknown with lots of fun games. However, not everything is mirth and merriment as they face several dangers in the wilderness. Meet Eeyore, Hedgehog and their friends, share their adventures in the forest and complete the short exercise at the end of each story. Explore the wilderness!

Tales About Animals

“I’m Champ the chimpanzee. I was just waiting for someone to come by and play dodgeball with me. This is a game where…” but without explaining any further Champ picked up a sizeable pumpkin and threw it straight at Malcolm. The mole tried to avoid the large vegetable, but it was no use. Champ had already thrown yet another pumpkin, which smashed to pieces right on the mole’s head.
“Cut it out!” Malcolm shouted.
But what Champ heard was:
“Go find another pumpkin!”
And he did not need to be told twice!

Mole Malcolm and his friends encounter many an unusual and often funny adventure whilst looking for delicacies to eat or trying to find a home for themselves. Luckily, after a few unsuccessful attempts, they always manage to come up with a cunning plan to overcome all the obstacles in their way. At other times fairies and pixies rush to their aid to help them out of sticky situations. This way or that, the animals of the forest always prove their worthiness and generosity, whilst prompting children just beginning to discover the joy of reading to use their wit and imagination.

Some of the stories in this beautifully illustrated book:

African adventure
The centre of the world
Basil’s birthday
What’s inside?

The New Adventures of Breezy

So much has happened to us that our new stories again fill a whole book. These are the adventures of my favorite pony called Breezy, me and my other naimals who live on Flower Farm as well as those in the nearby fields, forest and lakeside. Because these places are buzzing with life! On one occasion some cheeky jays needed to be taught how to behave and on another agreedy hamster had to be rescued from a tight spot. But the most exciting time was when the barn animals organized an egg hunt for me at Easter and the eggs hatched in the meanwhile. Still it was a lovely surprise and we had lots of fun. Come and join us on our adventures!


The Swineherd and Other Stories

Hans Christian Andersen (1805–1875) is one of the most popular authors of children’s books worldwide, who published more than 150 books to the delight of his fans all around the globe. The author’s true power lies in the ever so expressive, but simple language he writes, portraying the fine vibrations of the soul and it’s depths, defining the processes of our ponderings and dreams in a style which is second to none. He teaches us that appearances may be deceptive, and that in order to find true love and beauty, we must look into the very heart of each-other’s nature. Many creatures come to life in his tales; characters from the realms of magic, poetry, legends and reality. Kings and queens, inhabitants of lands unknown, mermaids, fairies, goblins, plants and animals are all part of the vibrant imagination of Hans Christian Andersen. This unique compilation of tales was illustrated by G. TOT Tóth Gábor, who harnesses his talent and experience to convey pictures from the lively, magical world of Andersen to the reader.