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The Cycle of Life

The Cycle of Life

Would you like to discover the Amazon rainforest, wander among the evergreen trees of the Great Dividing Range and roam the American prairies? You would! That’s great – here’s your big chance! The Cycle of Life takes you from the equator to the poles, from the ocean depths to the snowy peaks. The rich texts complemented by realistic illustrations and Augmented Reality animations produce a unique and unforgettable experience for readers of any background.


In the first volume of the series you can explore rainforests, deciduous woodlands and coniferous forests, and make exciting discoveries in six different parts of the world. The hidden camera shots included in the volume come to life through special Augmented Reality techniques. Concise and easy-to-read descriptions, fact sheets and illustrated explanations help you expand your general knowledge of forests, providing both well- and little known facts. At the back of the book there is a glossary, an index of names and a general index.

Fresh Waters

Fresh Waters provides a thorough survey of the various species living in lakes, rivers, wetlands and swamps. Which species are prominent near the Amazonas, in the Everglades, in Lake Baikal, or in the flood-basin of Danube? What principles govern these species' lives? How did they adapt to a given habitat? Informative descriptions, and spectacular and demonstrative illustrations help ellucidate these questions, and many other. Come and enjoy this wonderful journey with us!


The volume answers intriguing questions related to deserts, steppes, and tundras. How do animals live in the African savannah, on an Alpine meadow, on the American prairie, or in the Kalahari Desert? What are the specific differences between deserts and grasslands? The thoroughly illustrated visual journey featured in the volume answers these, and many other, questions with concise and informative descriptions. You won't be disappointed!


This volume of The Cycle of Life surveys the natural diversity of tropic and arctic seas, focussing on both shallow- and deepwater creatures. How does a coral-reef form? What gives animals living deep down in the dark their sense of locality? The volume visits such areas as The Mexican Baja California peninsula, the Barents Sea, or the Australian Great Barrier Reef, featuring enthralling descriptions and highly realistic illustrations. Come and join us on this wonderful journey!

The Cycle of Life - Complete Edition

Four in one! This 246-page complete edition contains the four titles of the series.