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Amazing World


How were the enormous pyramids built? How and why were mummies made? What do the hieroglyphs mean? Sphinxes, pyramids, mummies, pharaohs and gods – investigating exciting secrets, young readers gain an insight into the life of a legendary civilisation, ancient Egypt, as well as its characteristic monuments, famous cities and history. With the aid of facts, myths and superb illustrations readers can encounter merchants, warriors and scribes, sail the Nile and wander in magnificent cities.

Extreme Animal Habits

In the wild animals equipped with extreme, special habits, abilities and body parts are the most successful in the fight for survival. Readers can learn not only about the individual methods of animals in the life or death battle, but also other extreme creatures of the animal kingdom.

Predators (Amazing World)

When a predator attacks anywhere in the wild, the place immediately
becomes a battleground. At the bottom of the ocean the
pistol shrimp snaps its claw to shoot a bullet-like jet of water at
its quarry. On the seemingly peaceful African savannah an organised
pride of lions surround a hoofed prey animal unnoticed before suddenly
attacking in a well-rehearsed choreography. In the river red-bellied piranhas
use their razor-sharp teeth to deal with any prey they come
across in the bat of an eyelid. This marvellously illustrated book examines
the special hunting techniques of carnivores. For example, meateaters
that use electric shocks, deadly venom or light as bait to catch
prey as well as apex predators with extraordinary strength, including
the great white shark, the Nile crocodile, the tiger, the grey wolf, the
killer whale and the harpy eagle. Learn about the anatomy of these lethal
“weapons” for killing prey, such as jaws lined with very sharp
teeth, an extendable harpoon and sticky tongue, and incredible sensory
organs that help track down prey.