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The four models featured in our series titled Runway wear different dresses, make-up and hairstyle on each pages. The girls reading the volumes of this series can effortlessly recreate these collections due to the step-by-step guide that constitute these books. Mannequins without clothes, make-up, and hair are eager to put on the looks of fabulous fashion models thought up by the young designers. The models found on the back of the books can be took out of the covers and adorned with the annexed stickers.

Create Your Own Fashion Show!

Straight to the catwalk!

This book brings you to the delicate world of fashion in an instant. Using the pages of this book, you can assemble your own catwalk without taking the scissors or the glue into your hand. Let the fashion show begin! Give the best clothes to your models and prepare unique apparel for each of them. Have fun!

My First Fashion Show

Make your own dress collection for your fashion show. Let the mannequins wear fashionable clothes and accessories. Copy the coloured pictures or sketch in your very own dresses. Finally, cut out the dolls on the back and dress them with the dazzling stickers.