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Watching Animals 3D

Watching Animals 3D

Watching Animals introduces the reader to the everyday lives of animals and helps discover fascinating patterns of behavior including camouflage, making poison, migration, courting rituals, parental care, and body poses. The background to the development of social relations are also covered in these volumes, so that the reader can learn about the colorful world of communities populating remote habitats on earth. The intriguing chapters of the series are accompanied by demonstrative 3D illustrations that help the reader visualize the scenes described in the book, thus fostering a better understanding of the interesting facts the pages encompass.

Attack and Defence

It explores the different hunting techniques animals employ, the weapons predators use and the arsenal of life-saving ploys their pugnacious prey respond with.

Courting and Mating

This volume of the series describes the techniques animals use to find their loved ones, their reproductive habits and methods of caring for their young, and the stages of individual development for animals from arthropods to mammals.

Homes and Habits

The volume describes the residents of different habitats on earth from arctic tundra to coral atolls and from tropical rain forests to the Antarctic, and shows how animals adapt to their surroundings.

Movement and Migration

The title presents the characteristics of how animals move, typical migratory species and their methods of finding their way.

Senses and Communication

Senses and Communication reveals how animals' sensory organs work and the role of communication in social relations from the symbiosis of different species to a harem of relatives.